Keystone Dance Academy

The Ruth Page Keystone Dance Academy, in collaboration with the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs (ULBGC) provides high-caliber dance training and mentorship for students at Wentworth Elementary School in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. An extension of the Ruth Page Center for the Arts’ internationally recognized School of Dance, the Keystone Dance Academy, since 2018, has brought after-school dance training on-site to Wentworth Elementary School. The Keystone Dance Academy develops classical ballet technique while also providing dance classes in styles such as jazz and hip hop.

In addition to physical dance training, the Keystone Dance Academy provides mental health sessions throughout the year to assist the students in processing stressors they may not be able to cope with alone, and equip them with tools to handle difficulties and conflicts both in and outside a dance studio.

Each summer, dancers who have participated in the Keystone Dance Academy throughout the school year will be granted the opportunity to attend the Keystone Dance Academy Summer Dance Camp held at The Ruth Page Center for the Arts. This 2-3 week intensive program features instruction from guest artists and expanded Ruth Page School of Dance faculty, and includes diverse dance styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, Afro-Cuban and West African Dance as well as Pilates and yoga. This opportunity for focused and consistent study accelerates technical development, and allows for creativity and artistry to flourish in an environment without distraction brought on by school or home life.

Following the Summer Dance Camp, 1-2 dancers from the Keystone Academy will be invited to join the year-round Ruth Page School of Dance Young Dancers Training Program on a full tuition scholarship. They will also be given the opportunity to audition and perform in the annual production of Ruth Page’s The Nutcracker. 


Goals of the Keystone Dance Academy include: 

• To make accessible to the children of Wentworth Elementary the highest level of dance training.

• To equip these children with the skills necessary to feel comfortable in any dance class suited to their age. 

• To provide resources and support to any child with a desire to dance. 

• To provide the structure and environment where a future of unlimited possibilities can be made real.