Mandala Dance Company presents Crossover

The Ruth Page Center for the Arts

  • Friday, July 12, 2019 - 7:30pm

CROSSOVER investigates the meeting of energies and bodies within open spaces. Everyone lives according to their own seemingly immutable rules, which they impose on others because of the need for self-assertion, but any encounter with another person's rules causes a situation of pressure. However, the positive opportunity that derives from this encounter, if accepted, leads to personal adaptation, sharing and cooperation, and potentially, transcendence: this is human nature!

Concept, choreography, and direction by Paola Sorressa, founder and artistic director of Mandala Dance Company. Mandala Dance Company is a contemporary dance company based in Ladispoli, Italy. Along with its associated school, Profesion Dance, Mandala Dance Company has been an International Sister School partner of the Ruth Page School of Dance since 2015.

Dancers: Elisabetta Cipriani, Paola Foresi, Arianna Limina, Daniel Pace, and Paola Sorressa.
Lighting Designer: Lucien Bruchon
Music: Alva Noto, Dictaphone, Global Communication, Kangding Ray, Recondite, Ryoji Ikeda

Production supported by:
MIBAC [Special Project HUMUS#DanceInActions], Municipality of Ladispoli (Rome), RP Consulting, European Choreographic Organization, Mandala Dance Company.

Estimated Run Time: 50 minutes

Tickets: Free of charge – reservations requested

For ticket reservations: Please visit