Artists In-Residence

What do you get when you put a collection of performing artists (mostly dancers but actors and musicians as well) in the same building where they train, perform, collaborate and interact? Energy, innovation, creativity and community.

That is the vision for the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. Central to the Center's programming is the Artist In-Residence Program, which is designed to serve organizations looking for a home base while they grow or expand their artistic and organizational capabilities. The Center is committed to nurturing and assisting dance and other performing artists, as well as helping to promote them to expand the audience base for their art form, allowing for exchange and collaborative relationships to develop within our artist community. We take pride in the fact that the Ruth Page Center for the Arts is a destination for quality performing arts, accessible to a wide community regardless of race, gender, age, education or disability.

The Center supports the needs of the Chicago performing arts community by making available cost-effective office, rehearsal and performance space. The Center has been an incubator for organizations such as Shakespeare Repertory and Lookingglass Theatre Company who both spent their formative years as Artists In-Residence, performing in the 218-seat Ruth Page Theater and working from the Center's offices before moving on to larger Chicago venues.

The Artist In-Residence Program offers:

  • Subsidized office space
  • Low cost rental for rehearsal and performance space
  • Staffed reception area
  • Free meeting space
  • Collaborative marketing opportunities
  • Joint program development opportunities

If you are interested in the Ruth Page Center Artist In-Residence Program, please contact Silvino da Silva  at


  • The Ruth Page Center for the Arts... a crucial home for dance.

    - Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

Current In-Residence Organizations